Q.  How do I know if my Pre-School offers this program?
AAsk your Pre-School provider!  We offer free demo classes to schools that are not familiar
with our program!

Q.  How long is a class?
A.  Generally classes are 30min in length and are held weekly.

Q.  What should my child wear to class?
A.  Comfortable sneakers and clothing!! No boots, crocs, sandals, flip flops, slides etc.!!!

Q.  What are some examples of the equipment you use in class?
A.  We use a variety of age appropriate equipment including: hula hoops, bean bags,
scarf’s, soft footballs, gatorskin balls, foam paddles, foam hockey sticks, and age
appropriate music.  Our classes are structured to be fun and designed to be safe!!!

Q.  Do you give any discounts?
A.  Yes we give a 10% sibling discount for each additional child enrolled in the PeeWee PE program. 
We also run discount promotions throughout the year so keep your eyes open!

Q.  What are your refund policies?
A.  There are no refunds after the first class, however if the program is offered in your pre-school, any pre-school child and parent has the right to withdrawl from the class at anytime during the school year without any additional charges or penalties beyond the month/months that the child has attended.  We ask that you submit a written withdrawl request for enrollment to be deactivated.

Q. My child is not enrolled in a Pre-School, can he/she still participate in this program?
A.  Yes!  We are affiliated with the Columbia County Recreation Department and offer classes at various area facilities.  We are also willing to come to you!! If you can get 8 or more children interested and provide a space large enough, we will bring our program to you!